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Powder Coating

Powder coating is a dry finishing process that has become extremely popular. Powder coatings are recognized for a high-quality, durable finish, allowing for maximized production, improved efficiencies, and simplified environmental compliance. Our powder coatings are available in an almost limitless range of colors, 6,500 colors to be exact!

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Koda Powder Coating Service Difference

Koda is a leader in the field of powder coating, not only because of its award-winning customer service but because we don’t cut corners when preparing our client’s parts.


The process starts with deep cleaning-this doesn’t mean wiping the part and moving on. We take the time to clean the part/accessory by removing all paint, dust, and oils to expose the base metal. We accomplish the perfect setup with the help of our certified technicians sandblasting, grinding, sanding, or/and with a chemical process. The steps are identified based on the construction of the material. We perfect the part to make sure we have the best bond to ensure a long-lasting coating you will be happy with for years!

Why Powder Coating?


The Powder Coating Difference

Powder coating provides better performance than standard wet paint-it is more resistant to chipping, scratching, and other wear because of the thermal bonding it undergoes during curing, and because it can be applied in much thicker layers.


In addition, to its physical toughness, powder coating provides superior color retention. That means you can work and play harder!

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What is powder coating?

Powder coating is a resilient coating made of urethane, polyester, epoxy, or a combination of these three. Similar in appearance to paint, powder coating offers consistent appearance, minimal processing time, and can be applied across many industries, from light fixtures to earth movers.

Is powder coating better than liquid paint?

Yes, powder coating is baked onto the metal part, forming a thicker layer of protection that is stronger and more weather-resistant, minimizing scratching, peeling and fading.

How long does powder coating take?

We generally aim for a 7-10 day turnaround time. However, due to some variables in the coating process, it can take as long as two weeks.

Is powder coating environmentally friendly?

Much more so than paint. Powder is non-toxic and environmentally safe, emitting no or very few harmful VOCs. The entire process has been tailored with the environment in mind. Most of our waste water is evaporated. The most efficient burners and ovens are used in the drying and curing process. Excess powder is often reclaimed and utilized.

How long does powder coating last?

Powder coating can last for decades with the right surface preparation, application and powder. Before you coat any metal part, you will want to speak to an expert to ensure you apply a powder capable of withstanding the conditions you are going to put your products through. If your products are intended for use outdoors or under prolonged exposure to sunlight, consider using a primer coat to extend the lifespan of your coating.